Ikogen Case Study

Constantinos Demetriades

Dinos is the founder of Ikogen, a medical smartwatch platform that monitors patient health 24/7.

After working with Dinos, here's what he had to say:

Matt has exceptional knowledge in his field and was able to get bring months of improvements to our project in a matter of a few weeks. He's very easy to talk to, understands what needs to be done and is able to provide real advice, and not just sit back and wait for instructions. He's a pleasure to work with and worth every single cent of his rate.


The Ikogen system allows medical institutions to monitor their patient's health using smartwatch technology. If there is a medical emergency, patents can notify a call center, and help is dispatched immediately to their location.

Dinos was experiencing issues with his smartwatch platform. He needed someone to diagnose the cause of the problems and lead the push to improve the platform.



A low-cost agency had built the first version of the Ikogen system. The system worked, but Dinos was experiencing issues with bugs, product quality, and reliability.

Dinos recognized our dedication to quality and reached out for a complete audit to identify his problems and find solutions.

Here's what we focused on:

  • Identify the cause of problems and find solutions
    Data transfers to/from the smartwatch were very slow, and it wasn't clear why. We'd need to address this immediately since it was ruining product demos with investors.
  • Improve the smartwatch activation process
    Each watch needed to be activated and paired to the Ikogen servers before being shipped to the customer. The existing process for this was far too laborious and required streamlining.
  • Increase battery life
    Dinos needed the software on his smartwatches to function more efficiently and use less battery energy.


  • Better data structures for faster data processing and transfers
    The data structures used to store and transmit the watch's data were not appropriate for such a low-power, low-storage device. We selected a more suitable form of storage. We also devised a faster method for periodically transferring the data from the watch.
  • Automated smartwatch activation
    We automated several manual steps in the activation process, which turned a 20-minute process into a single 20-second action. Multiplied over thousands of smartwatches, this saved significant time and money.
  • Improved power usage
    Improving the data transfer technique allowed the smartwatch to use less power, which lengthened battery life significantly.

Technologies used

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