Alpine Start Case Study

Bethany Meadows

Bethany is the founder of Alpine Start, a Real Estate platform that helps Realtors level-up their marketing efforts.


Alpine Start's purpose is to guide Realtors through the process of marketing their property listings and maintaining their real estate business. New Realtors sometimes struggle with marketing their business, so Bethany decided to use her background in marketing to create a solution that could help.

Alpine Start


Bethany wanted a high-quality product that would attract Realtors and impress potential investors. She came to us because she wanted a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) within her budget that was still high quality and dependable.

To accomplish her goals, we decided we'd need to build several features into Bethany's application:

  • An Overview of essential metrics
    Realtors would need to quickly review crucial metrics like their Gross Commission Income, expenses, number of marketing actions, and more.
  • Sales and Expense tracking
    Realtors would need to quickly add sales and expenses to the system so that we could help them make better use of their budgets.
  • Mobile access
    Because Realtors are always on the move, Bethany wanted them to add expenses and sales from their mobile phones easily.


  • Dashboard
    The app's main page is a dashboard that gives the user an overview of all of their important metrics in one spot, updated in real-time.
  • Basic Bookkeeping
    Users can add their expenses and sales using an easy to understand interface, which simplifies a double-entry accounting system.
  • Progressive Web Application
    Users can easily add the app to their mobile home screen, keeping it accessible and top-of-mind. This made adding expenses and sales as easy as a touch of a button but without the cost of building a native mobile application.

Technologies used

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